Top 10 Most Economical new Cars 2020 on sale in Australia

The list of the most economical new cars 2020 has to offer is a showcase of the latest fuel-saving technology that has reached Australian shores. What is the most fuel-efficient new car in Australia? Read on to find out. Hybrids are more common than ever and the race is on to develop fuel-sipping engines before more draconian emissions regulations are ratified in coming years.

Whether you’re after the best Uber, cheapest-to-run car, or just one that saves you on weekly fuel bills, this list has you covered. Stay tuned for new releases in 2020 as the goalposts are sure to shift again before the end of the year!

2020 Toyota Yaris Hybrid – 3.3L/100km

Effectively replacing the Toyota Prius C compact car, the 2020 Toyota Yaris Hybrid lobs mid-2020 with a new lease on life. This is thanks to a new TNGA platform, which gives the Yaris dynamic capabilities its predecessor could only dream of. 

While the exciting Yaris GR-4 is the headline act of the range for enthusiasts, 3.3L/100km is nothing short of a miracle and means the hybrid is quite an achievement too!It looks like most economical new cars 2020 can serve up will be genuinely entertaining to drive.

2020 Hyundai Ioniq Elite – 3.4L/100km

Although it sounds like it was named after an Alannis Morissette song, the Hyundai Ioniq matches the OG hybrid – the Toyota Prius- for fuel economy, while offering a more engaging dual-clutch transmission and a five year warranty. 

2020 Toyota Prius – 3.4L/100km

The mack daddy original of the hybrid brigade, Prius was the darling of eco-conscious celebrities and the butt of cruel jokes long before Tesla came along and stole its limelight. Now in its fourth-gen, the Prius is a far more engaging drive than you’d think, thanks to its TNGA platform.

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid –4.2L/100km

If you’re noticing a trend here, you’re not the only one. Toyota’s dominance in the hybrid arena is unquestionable, so it’s no surprise that the evergreen Corolla earns a place on our list of most economical new car for 2020. 

2020 Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid – 4.2L/100km

The taxi and Uber operato’rs car of choice is back with a vengeance, only this time it is sourced from Japan rather than Altona in Victoria, Australia. A new platform and hybrid system sees a dramatic improvement in the average fuel economy figures. It’s quite enjoyable to drive and has significantly more desirability up its sleeve than any other Camry before it. 

Please note that higher-grade models such as SX sip fuel at a slightly more prodigious 4.5 L/100km. 

2020 Honda Accord VTi-LX Hybrid – 4.3L/100km

A fresh-faced Honda Accord has just landed from Thailand, with some sporty mojo and a Toyota-threatening 4.3L/100km figure. The hybrid variant kicks off from $50,490 before on-road costs. The car has a decidedly more premium positioning than its predecessor, with Honda electing not to match Toyota Camry on price. As such, expect the car to be loaded to the brim with semi-autonomous driver assist features and creature comforts.

2020 Skoda Fabia 70TSI – 4.5L/100km

Volkswagen’s Czech arm serves up a fun and interesting hatchback on our list. The 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine in the Fabia is torquey and, when paired with a seven-speed DSG automatic, very handy around town. 

2020 Suzuki Swift manual – 4.6L/100km

Manuals don’t get much love these days, but the Swift self-shifter sure deserves some. While the shift action isn’t the slickest around, the combined fuel economy figure makes it worthy of attention if you want a safe, modern new car with fun in mind. 

2020 Hyundai i30 Go turbo-diesel – 4.7L/100km

As one of the few remaining diesels in its class on sale locally, the i30 oil-burner is a fantastic long-distance cruiser. Combine it with a modern interior, Hyundai’s outstanding after care package and roadside assistance and you have a very tempting formula. Just weigh up whether the turbo-diesel makes sense against the $xx cheaper petrol variant. (Note: Hyundai i30 N Line pictured).

2020 Kia Picanto GT – 4.8L/100km

What a delightful coincidence that one of our favourite small cars happens to be one of the most fuel-efficient that you can buy in 2020. The Picanto GT is oodles of fun, whether you’re in traffic on the way to work or attacking bends. You can read our glowing review here. 

2020 Mitsubishi Mirage –5.0L/100km

Rounding out our most economical new cars 2020 list is the upcoming Mitsubishi Mirage mid-cycle facelift. A design update for the venerable Mirage hatch will hit Australian showrooms in months, bringing with it a freshened exterior, new and more vibrant colours, updated infotainment and more.