Top 10 Best Cars for Uber under $10,000

Uber is really taking off in Australia and other parts of the world. Although there has been some speed humps and opposition from the taxi industry, it has given many people opportunities to earn some extra money if they have a car which meets the criteria. Sometimes finding the best used car for Uber or best second-hand car for Uber can improve the cost-effectiveness of your business endeavour.

These include a vehicle less than ten years old, five doors and in good working order. Uber license regulations and criteria include a clean driving record, with minimal loss of points and no major driving offences in recent history. You can read more about Uber driver pre-requisites here.
Here are ten vehicles we’ve selected based on running costs, safety, not having to update too soon and reliability. Bear in mind Ford Falcons aren’t eligible due to the possibility of them being an ex-taxi, we presume…

Toyota Corolla

An unsurprisng pick for many, Corolla is one of the most trusted nameplates in the automotive world. It’s simple, reliable engineering, low running and service costs and impeccable build quality makes the Japanese hatchback easy to live with and hard to beat here. It might be a bit drab, but later models with Bluetooth capability and all the safety and convenience features mean it is suitable for daily duty as well as being a fine Uber office.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Not one to set any performance records, the three-cylinder Mirage is more than adequate for all city conditions and hills, with a 5 star ANCAP rating and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a fairly modern dashboard design, meaning it is not a dreary place to spend time. A solid investment that will yield returns in no time. Just get used to that ‘sewing-machine’ CVT gearbox.

Holden Cruze

The Australian-made Cruze is one of the heavier, but tech-laden and roomy small cars, with either a 1.8-litre ecotec, turbo-diesel engine or 1.4-litre turbo. The diesel would be the pick in terms of fuel costs, as long as servicing has been kept up to date and the car is not thrashed to oblivion. A five star ANCAP rating means this is a solid little motor. Avoid the manual as it is a baulky-shifter for something that constitutes a work vehicle.

Suzuki Alto

The plucky little Alto is a very compact and strange looking car, but you can’t argue with its excellent fuel economy- 5.3L/100km in automatic trim. A four star ANCAP rating is more than acceptable and it has a lot in common with the later Celerio, which benefits from more refinement and a bit more modern interior. If only the Celerio was equipped with the India-only two-cylinder diesel was an option, then refuelling costs would be cut by up to 2/3rds but that will have to remain a nerd dream for now. Besides, the Alto and Celerio are more than frugal enough for even the most scrupulous saver.

Hyundai Accent

Quite possibly still under warranty, thanks to a generous 5 year, unlimited kilometre factory effort, the Accent ticks most boxes in terms of safety, accommodation, reliability and running costs. The real gem of this line-up is the rare-as-hens-teeth turbo-diesel CRDi model, offering the highest potential for fuel savings. Other decent alternatives include i20, i30 CRDi and later model Getz, but beware of that one becoming too old to fit Ubers guidelines.

Honda Jazz

Honda’s Tardis-like Jazz is famous for being a minivan in terms of its versatility and seating layout with the dimensions, running costs and agility of a small hatch. No real flaws here, the Jazz is brilliant both as a comfy, spacious office for Uber work and a carry-all for weekend moving duties.


Renowned as one of the most spritely and zippy small cars encapsulating Mazda’s Zoom Zoom ethos to a tee, the Mazda 2 takes the drugery out of daily drivint with its magnificent steering, responsive engines and great design. It has what could easily be the best manual transmission in its class, so even though the automatic is a great choice here, the manual actually makes daily driving more rewarding to your left arm and leg with its tactile sensation, rather than some rubbery, notchy units fitted to other rivals that make it a painful chore.

Kia Rio

Kia’s Rio, particularly the generation just gone is making for excellent used car buying at the moment. Integrated Bluetooth, an expansive dash with neat toggle switches, a 5 star ANCAP crash rating and a surprisingly spacious interior mean the Rio has stood up well and in some people’s eyes is a better looking vehicle than the one that replaced it.

Kia Carnival

A bargain for those looking to drive for Uber XL where a minimum requirement of 7 seats is de rigeur. The Carnival is one of the most popular minivan choices with its sliding doors, spacious cabin and high features list. We found some examples of the previous generation Carnival on classifieds, some of which are still under Kia’s seven year warranty. If you find a diesel for sale, that is the way to go but make sure it has been serviced meticulously.

Mitsubishi ASX

When the Mitusbishi ASX launched early in the decade, it was a pioneer of the compact SUV segment, still on sale today mostly unchanged. It is safe, extremely reliable and offers a generous warranty, making it not only a fine choice for family car buyers but also Uber operators looking for a low-maintenance, high riding car that is city friendly and gives you peae of mind.

Mitsubishi Outlander 7 seater

Even the previous-gen Outlander makes for excellent buying, as it was one of the first in its segment with the option of a third-row of seats. It is also one of the safest used cars as rated by a recent study by Monash University. Perfect for UberXL operators who might otherwise consider a Toyota Prius V.

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