2019: Top 10 best-selling cars in Australia

Welcome to our top 10 best-selling cars table. This is where you’ll find all the sales figures for Australia’s top-selling vehicles. Data is supplied by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) and its monthly VFACTS report for new vehicle registrations.

All figures below are for 2019 year-to-date sales (YTD), with monthly figures shown in the first column for reference purposes only – the monthly figures don’t necessarily represent the top 10 best-sellers for the specific month. We will update this page every month with a new table. Figures are usually released between the 2nd and 5th of every month. All ute models comprise of 4×2 and 4×4 sales combined.

December 2019

Toyota HiLux391747,649
Ford Ranger384840,960
Mitsubishi Triton231525,819
Toyota Corolla277730,648
Toyota RAV4221224,260
Mitsubishi ASX209120,806
Hyundai i30193528,378
Isuzu D-Max188016,832
Mazda CX-5182825,539
Nissan X-Trail153219,726

November 2019

Toyota HiLux368743,732
Ford Ranger349136,802
Mitsubishi Triton312923,504
Hyundai i30233926,443
Toyota RAV4231622,048
Toyota Corolla222927,691
Toyota Camry200115,520
Nissan X-Trail188218194
Mazda CX-5173523,791
Kia Cerato163920,270

October 2019

Toyota HiLux351640,044
Ford Ranger316034,121
Hyundai i30221624,104
Toyota RAV4213219,372
Toyota Corolla211725,462
Kia Cerato182718,631
Mazda CX-5170821,976
Hyundai Tucson169315,555
Nissan X-Trail159216,312
Mitsubishi ASX151717,688

September 2019

Toyota HiLux336436,529
Ford Ranger311630,961
Mitsubishi Triton300119,037
Hyundai i30244721,888
Mitsubishi ASX241916,171
Mazda CX-5233520,268
Toyota Corolla221923,345
Kia Cerato202216,804
Nissan X-Trail176914,720
Toyota RAV4171617,600

August 2019

Toyota HiLux367433165
Ford Ranger318127,845
Toyota Corolla286321,126
Hyundai i30281319,441
Toyota RAV4200615,884
Mazda CX-5179717,193
Nissan X-Trail174312,951
Kia Cerato168614,782
Hyundai Tucson152312,374

July 2019

Toyota HiLux335929,491
Toyota Corolla324418,263
Ford Ranger316824,664
Toyota RAV4241913,878
Hyundai i30225216,628
Mazda CX-5216016,116
Kia Cerato172313,096
Toyota Prado162011,498
Toyota Camry15989538

June 2019

Toyota HiLux539626,132
Ford Ranger485121,496
Hyundai i30334314,376
Toyota Corolla313715,019
Mazda CX-5291113,956
Kia Cerato283211,373
Toyota RAV4249911,459
Hyundai Tucson234410,280

May 2019

Toyota HiLux420620,736
Ford Ranger397216,645
Toyota RAV429179010
Hyundai i30290111,033
Toyota Corolla246711,882
Mazda CX-5210011,045
Kia Cerato20248541
Toyota Prado17767833
Holden Colorado17198521

April 2019

Toyota HiLux362116,530
Ford Ranger301112,673
Toyota Corolla24299415
Hyundai i3019108132
Mazda CX-518278945
Kia Cerato16506517
Toyota Prado14736057
Hyundai Tucson13555319
Isuzu D-Max13545054

March 2019

Toyota HiLux452712,909
Ford Ranger37219662
Mitsubishi Triton26667518
Toyota Corolla24496986
Mazda CX-524147118
Hyundai i3024026222
Mitsubishi ASX22366176
Mitsubishi Outlander20674905
Kia Cerato18734867

February 2019

Toyota HiLux44318382
Ford Ranger33775941
Mitsubishi Triton31554852
Mazda CX-522574704
Mitsubishi ASX21223940
Toyota Corolla20704487
Hyundai i3019293820
Toyota RAV416393439
Toyota LandCruiser Prado15692919

January 2019

Toyota HiLux39513951
Ford Ranger25642564
Toyota Corolla24172417
Mazda CX-523472347
Hyundai i301891 1891
Mitsubishi ASX18181818
Toyota RAV418001800
Mitsubishi Triton16971697
Holden Colorado15441544