Top 10 best trucks for sale in Australia in 2018-2019

Without trucks, Australia stops. We’re confident you’ve heard that phrase before, and it rings true. Trucks are the backbone not only of multinational freight companies but small Australian businesses too. Trucks are involved in the supply chain of almost every product you can buy.
Whether you’re interested in trucks for sale cheap trucks, small trucks, used trucks, diesel trucks trucking news or big trucks, the industry is undergoing a transformation it has never seen before.

Autonomous, electric technology and major leaps in safety and efficiency make the trucking scene more interesting than ever before. Even a new crop of Chinese trucks lowers the entry point, where you might’ve considered a ute before. Whether you’re a truck enthusiast or just want some ideas to get the ball rolling before signing the dotted line, here are some trucks which are here now and around the corner.

JMC Conquer

Starting at $29,990 for the 4.5t, and available with 6 t or 7.5t capacities, the JMC Conquer is powered by a 90kW/315Nm diesel engine. It has the modern design you would expect from a work truck with comfort and reliability from trustworthy mechanicals.

Foton Aumark

Another recent Chinese addition to Australia’s small truck fleet, the Aumark ranges in GVM from 4.5-8.5 tonnes, with a 110kW/360Nm Cummins 2.8 turbo-diesel and ZF 5- speed manual or a 3.8-litre Cummins with 115kW and 500Nm, but with a six-speed ZF manual. Foton’s formula of proven mechanicals and a 3 year/160,000km warranty is a clever one and makes it worth considering for any truck operator.


Available in a range of sizes from the 300 Series to the large 700 Series and even buses, Hino is a highly trusted Japanese truck brand with the availability of a telematics system to monitor your fleet and a 5 year warranty at time of publication.

Mtisubishi Fuso eCanter

Mitsubishi’s truck division boasts class-leading 30,000km service intervals, a standard 5 year warranty like their roadcar cousins and a range of different classes of trucks. Load capacities range from 3.5 tonnes to 8.5t for the Canter, 10.4-20.4t for the medium duty Fighter and 16.5 -30.8 ton for the Fuso Heavy. Don’t forget the Rosa bus with capacity ranging from 20-50 seats. An electric eCanter is available in many markets with a range of 100km.

Isuzu N Series

The Isuzu N Series is the most ubiquitous and common commercial truck going round. With such a long and illustrious history of building trucks, nobody has got it down to a fine art the way Isuzu has. With class leading engines of up to 140kW, a torque converter automated manual transmission and the latest safety system, there are plenty of compelling reasons to choose an Isuzu over its competitors.

Thor ET-One

U.S. Startup Thor Trucks thinks it can beat the Tesla Semi to market, thanks to some clever tricks like combining a new front end with existing cabin and chassis designs, with their own electric powertrain. Said to be good for 482km of range, the Thor isn’t as high-end as the Tesla truck with no autopilot, but has 36-tonne capacity and a 160km range version is also being worked on. While this is likely to stay in America, it shows the shockwaves that Tesla are sending through the industry with their electric Semi.


Kenworth trucks are still proudly made right here in Australia, with over 50,000 examples built here since 1971. The long haul trucks and road trains are part of the local scenery and a manufacturing base that continues after the death of the local car industry. Mack and Volvo trucks are also produced locally at the 7.4 hectare Wacol facility in Queensland. As autonomous and electric technology filters through these brands globally

Hyundai Xcient

The Hyundai Xcient truck combines modern design with a user-friendly interior and a huge 12.7-litre engine in top models. There is a massive range available with GVM and sizes ranging from 4.5 tonnes to larger heavy-duty models. A five or six-speed manual is available with electronic vehicle dynamic control, cruise and heated seats available.

Tesla Semi Truck

Late in 2017, Elon Musk unveiled the future of long haul trucks with the Tesla Semi. Boasting amazing autonomous capability and the ability to sprint to 60mph (96km/h) in 5.0-seconds, the range varies between 482km and 804km depending on model. With some big name clients already having signed up, such as Pepsi, the electric truck is supposed to begin production next year, with Australian delivery some time after.

Mercedes-Benz Electric Truck

While Daimler has a huge range of trucks for any application or purpose, the company is expanding into battery powered vehicles, with a modern design to rival that of Tesla’s. The sleek looking truck has 212kWh of battery power for a range of up to 200km. A gross combined weight of 26 tonnes means electric trucks are moving from the fringe and into the mainstream. The progress in this department is unstoppable now and we can’t wait to see future developments.

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