Video: Hear the Kia Stinger and its Aussie-spec bi-modal exhaust

The Kia Stinger is finally here in Australia, with our market getting a special bi-modal exhaust to appeal to Australia’s growl-hungry performance enthusiasts.

Motor Magazine filmed the Korean sports sedan at Wakefield Park, both with and without the $2000 optional bi-0modal exhaust system. Without the system, the car makes arguably a more forgettable and Hoover-esque din when revved. It definitely has the performance that former XR6 Turbo and SS Commodore customers would demand, but without the ear-tingling staccato of the latter.

When fitted with the bi-modal system, the 272kW, twin-turbo V6 fastback omits a far bassier and cultured rumble, with a pleasant note. Make no mistake, this is a sports car sound.

As reported yesterday, the Kia Stinger could be getting a V8 engine, which would go a long way to scooping up former SS customers and keeping the affordable V8 muscle sedan niche alive. But alas Kia has denied that it has any chances of landing in Australia, so this bi-modal exhaust Stinger will be the most sonorous.

We expect the tuner scene will be out in full swing pretty soon, out to improve the factory 0-100km/h time of around 4.9 seconds, and we will keep you posted on that every step of the way. The new model officially goes on sale this month.