Top 10 cutest new cars on sale in Australia in 2018

We’ve assembled the Top 10 cutest new cars for sale in Australia, for those who want to make a statement, seeking more joy from their daily transport than some of the bland, boring and downright depressing small cars on today’s market.


Unfortunately, all the world’s cute cars aren’t on sale in Australia – the Honda N-one springs to mind. Soon we’ll get the Honda EV Urban, while the Austin Healy Sprite is surely one of the cutest cars of all time. Here, in no particular order, are our top 10 cutest new cars on sale in Australia as determined by Top10Cars.

Holden Spark

Holden’s plucky little city hatch has many styling tricks to make it look modern, slightly aggressive like a bulldog puppy and cute. The hidden rear door handles add a chic styling touch while the vibrant colour range and 7.0-inch touch-screen make it feel modern, up to date and fresh.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

While the MiTo was smaller and cuter car, it is no longer on sale in Australia, but its big sister, Giulietta is a very attractive signora. The buxom Latin hatchback has curves in all the right places and a very friendly and happy face. As an added bonus, it has a range of powerful turbo engines and dual-clutch gearboxes for scintillating performance.

Fiat 500C

The most cherub-like car on the market is the teeny tiny Fiat 500. While some might think it looks too much like Noddy’s car, the convertible is the ultimate stand-out joy factory on wheels. The colour range includes solid hues and some pastels too, with customisation a big part of the 500’s appeal. Individuality on wheels.

Honda Jazz

Looking like a friendly and helpful robot, the Jazz is a versatile hatchback with the room of an MPV. Honda’s Magic Seats are amazingly versatile, turning your easy-to-park city hatchback into a handy van at the flick of a latch.

Jeep Renegade

It’s a mini Jeep! The Renegade takes the classic Jeep aesthetic and stretches it down into a city-friendly caricature of its self and the result is adorable. There are tons of Easter eggs inside and out to discover, to keep the novelty of a new car fresh long after purchase.


Sporty but cute. That’s the Mazda2 in a nutshell. Not only is it a compact expression of Mazda’s SkyActiv philosophy, but it has a five star ANCAP rating, a banging infotainment system and stereo and a very responsive and economical 1.5-litre engine. It is modern, cute and sporty with a superior driving experience to other small cars.

MINI Convertible

We couldn’t make a list like this without including this classic. The Mini is the second reincarnation of the 1959 original that was so loved by everyone from members of the English Royal Family to the Beatles. The BMW-led revival is now in its third generation, with German-engineered underpinnings giving it a driving feel that makes you feel as good as its charming exterior.

Peugeot 208

This little French charmer is available in an array of great colours with a very cosy European-chic interior. Its range of three and cour cylinder engines are perky and economical, particularly in GTI form. The seats are plush and comfortable and the 208 is a high-value premium European hatchback to rival the likes of Mini and Audi A1.

Suzuki Swift

Like the Mini with which it shares a lot of styling cues, including blacked out A-pillar and cutsey face, the modern Swift just entered its third-generation, undergoing a substantial redesign for 2017 that includes class-first adaptive cruise control, autonomous safety tech, a weight reduction and new Boosterjet engine range. It is definitely one of the most competitive cars in the light city car class.


While not a practical choice, the mini convertible bears an uncanny resemblance to Brum, the tiny car from the children’s TV show, so we couldn’t resist adding it to our list. With its little bug-eyed lights and classic looks, it is the true embodiment of fun on wheels.

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