Top 10 Builds to Follow on YouTube Right Now

When the perfect car doesn’t exist, build it yourself. YouTube has been the place to find some of the most outrageous engine swaps and car builds of all time. In the past, we’ve even put forth our Top 10 factory transplants that need to happen .

Generally speaking, there are limitations to what you can put in a car and creative solutions to said limitations. Engine too big? Cut the firewall and transmission tunnel. Electric car not designed to run on any form of internal combustion motor? See below.

We’ve assembled ten who, we believe are really pushing the envelope.

Rich Rebuilds V8 Tesla

This is arguably the most creative and farfetched build on YouTube right now. Tesla is known for setting new standards for what is possible in a car, performance-wise. The idea, then, of swapping the EV driveline for General Motors’ finest is a very controversial one. Rich Benoit has earned a reputation as a renegade in the Tesla community, repairing broken cars himself in contravention of Tesla’s company policy.

Squeezing a functioning V8 engine in a car not designed to accommodate one is not an easy task. Provisions for fuel tank, radiator, and transmission meant vast sections of the car have to be cut and welded. The engine is a 6.2-litre V8 from a Camaro, with a sequential six-speed gearbox. According to videos, the car is expected to be completed in time for SEMA in November.

Connaught V10 NB MX-5 – Drivetribe

Many may have missed an upstart called Connaught in the early 2000s, with ambitions of bringing a V10 hybrid sports car to market. Featuring a very narrow angle of 22.5 degrees, this low-capacity engine made for a highly unusual layout.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be and the engines were mothballed for almost two decades. Drivetribe’s Mike Fernie has volunteered his MX-5 for a transplant of this engine. Considering its compact dimensions and light weight, it should make for a brilliant conversion.

Honda-powered Ferrari- StanceWorks

Transplanting the motor from a Ferrari is a sure-fire way to make jaws drop, whatever the donor car may be, but a Honda-powered Ferrari? Utter madness! StanceWorks are putting together one of the most outrageous builds on YouTube right now, combining an Italian thoroughbred with something from the tuner scene nobody would expect.

General Rotors VN ( Low Standards)

Unlike the others, this build has been completed, but it was too insane for us not to include.
The idea of a rotary-powered Holden is not unprecedented — see the Mazda Roadpacer AP of the 1970s.

Although the Roadpacer was derided for its lack of sufficient torque to shift the big-boned HJ body, the chook cooker-swapped VN doesn’t appear to struggle and looks like a whole lot of fun.

‘Hulkosuka’ – The Skid Factory

To many, cutting up the idea of a rare classic is stomach-churning, but The Skid Factory make no apologies for it. Nissan’s VK engine normally sees duty in Patrols, some Infiniti models and the brand’s SuperGT racing cars. It is capable of some serious grunt and a far cry from the naturally-aspirated inline-six that normally resides in the first GT-R’s bonnet.

Godzilla XC Coupe -Jetski’s Garage

Ford’s latest big-block engine was designed as a simple gasoline option for the brand’s Super Duty pickups in the States. Generating as much as 321kW and 644Nm in factory form, there is serious potential for horsepower. The idea of squeezing a big block V8 inside a 1970s Falcon is nothing new. This just puts a modern twist on an age-old idea.

Alfa Ferrari – Home Built by Jeff

Classic Alfa Romeo’s are eye-catching and charming vehicles, but when you add the heart of a Ferrari, you have an altogether more sumptuous concoction.

Rover P6 4.6 furiousdriving
As one of the first recipients of the venerable Rover 3500 V8, the Rover P6 is a prime candidate to receive a more modern iteration of this engine from a later Range Rover. Furiousdriving’s Matt Richardson is in the process of getting this formula to work. Pipe and slippers meets Hot English Mustard!

V12 Torana- Castlemaine Rod Shop

Holden Torana’s would have to be the most popular car to modify for drag racers, show car builders and every other sub-genre of the modified car scene. They have seen almost every type of engine conversion conceivable, but a Ferrari V12 would have to be a first. The renowned craftsmen at Castlemaine Rod Shop are definitely have the skill and passion to marry the heart of a Prancing Horse to an Aussie cultural icon.

XC Falcon/ FG hybrid -Howard Astill

To some, the lines of the 1970s Falcons have not been equalled or surpassed in subsequent generations. Thus, the idea of combining modern driveline, suspension and interior with those classic lines is a match made in Heaven. Howard Astill is no stranger to the modified car scene, so watching this creation come together is a real feast for the eyes.