Lamborghini Aventador with graffiti attracts attention

Imagine walking out to your pride and joy one morning only to see it littered in graffiti and offensive words. Well, it seems a Lamborghini Aventador owner actually wishes it would happen to them.

This Aventador here looks like it has been parked at Mount Druitt train station for a few nights, with what appears to be some hate words and abbreviations sprayed-painted all over it. However, this is all just a wrap.

Yep, the owner can simply peel it all off if he wishes. Instead though this was all done on purpose to help the Lambo really stand out. Not that the V12 supercar needs any help in that department, especially when it’s coated in a bright green paint colour with black contrast roof and wheels.

Wraps are very popular these days, as they are a great way to give your car a fresh look without having to go through the whole process of respraying a new colour. This can costs thousands, even upwards of ten thousand bucks. For a decent wrap the cost is usually a fraction of this, and, as this Lambo demonstrates, there aren’t really any limitations on the colour or design.

We’ve seen branded car wraps with iconic logos, racing stripes, unusual matte colours, but this has to be the most unique. The photo, posted up on Instagram, shows the Aventador with random street words and slang in red and black spray paint.

Another good thing about a wrap is that it does actually protect the paint underneath. You may have heard of clear wraps over the front end of vehicles. Well, this is basically over the entire car. So even if someone on the street did decide to take out the spray can on your car, it’s no biggie. Minor stone chips are also minimised.

What do you think of it? Is this graffiti-style theme something that will catch on or do you think it’s just a silly idea?