Gran Turismo Sport launched at World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney

Top10Cars was at the Australian launch event for Gran Turismo Sport today, which happened to be during the World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Set for market release on the 18th of October, Gran Turismo Sport is the latest iteration of one of the most well-loved driving simulators of all time. The attention to detail in terms of graphics, driving dynamics and immersion has been wound up to never before seen levels.

We sampled the game on PlayStation Virtual Reality, which was a very surreal experience to begin with but once acclimatised, we were in awe of how realistic the handling of the vehicles were and the graphics – even the grain of the interior plastics are visible.

We had various opportunities to test various different cars from the game’s 162-strong lineup, and were impressed every time.

Throughout the rest of the day we wandered through Sydney Motorsport Park to see some of the world’s fastest vehicles show their stuff. Highlights included meeting the hallowed Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya himself, and watching him fang his AE86 around the circuit.

Other bonuses included seeing the Mighty Car Mods‘s Toyota Cresta with a homegrown Barra under its hood and many other bonkers vehicles. The World Time Attatck Challenge is on at Sydney Motorsport park from the October 13-14.