Ford uses F-150 Electric prototype to tow over 1 million pounds of freight

As you might’ve figured, we here at Top10Cars are quite the fans of electric utes, so when Ford dropped their latest video of an F-150 Electric prototype, our eyes lit up.

The video begins with F-150 enthusiasts brought together, discussing their passion but seemingly unaware of why they’ve been gathered together. Chief F-150 engineer Linda Zhang enters and shows the fan a mysterious prototype.

After the penny drops that this is, in fact, a prototype of the upcoming F-150 Electric, the reason they are all gathered becomes clearer. Ford is celebrating 42 years of consecutive sales dominance for the F-Series range of pickup trucks. As a result, ten freight carriages, spanning the length of 42 2019 F-150’s end-to-end are to be towed by the prototype. The weight of the unladen carriages is approximately 1,000,000 lbs (453,592kg).

Unsurprisingly, the prototype gets the carriages moving without fuss. The aforementioned row of 42 trucks is then loaded onto the train carriages, bumping the mass up to about 1,250,000lbs ( 566,990kg). With the faintest hint of strain, the battery-powered car gets the carriages going again.

Ford’s Global Director of Electrification, Ted Cannis had the following to say:

“This demonstration showcases our commitment to remain the clear leader in trucks as well as to highlight our commitment to the future of electric vehicles. We’ve already announced plans to bring an F-150 hybrid to market that can act as a mobile generator.”

“I’m all in on EVs. Climate change … you had me at hello. But what we’re doing here is not just about air quality or rising sea level. We are all about building better trucks for our customers who have real work to do every day. Trucks that can do more for our owners. Trucks that meet new sets of needs. Because leaders lead.”

An electric version of the world’s best-selling vehicle represents a major paradigm shift for many of its customers, so this marketing tactic goes a long way to proving the might of the electric powertrain. What do you think of this marketing stunt by Ford? Let us know in the comment section below.