Dyson to build electric car from 2020 – report

Dyson, the UK-based company renowned for its revolutionary vacuum cleaners, will design and build an electric car by 2020 a report has revealed.

According to a report by BBC, Sir James Dyson sent all company employees an email outlining the Malmesbury, Wiltshire UK firm’s intention to spend £2bn (AU$3.4bn) developing an electric car, with £1bn of that investment on the car and the remaining £1bn on developing a new battery.

Given Dyson’s track record with vacuum cleaners, fans and air dryers, we expect this to be a premium, design-led product with many revolutionary features. Sir James Dyson has previously stated to Autocar, for example that a ‘bladeless’ windscreen wiper system would be more effective than smearing dirt with wiper blades.

Speculation began last year when a document detailed a government grant was approved to assist the currently 400-staff company develop an electric vehicle, “creating over 500 jobs in the area.”

The appointment of former Aston Martin executive David Wyer and Tesla’s former communication director Ricardo Reyes also got chins wagging. More details as they come to hand.